Acoustic Reactions

by Anthropia

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Acoustic live album, recorded at Fnac Monaco, may 2009. Including songs from "The Chain Reaction", and cover songs by Toto, Extreme and Iron Maiden.


released October 16, 2010

All songs and lyrics written by Hugues Lefebvre,
except «Africa» (D.Paich/J.Porcaro, Hudmar Publishing),
«Hole hearted» (N.Bettencourt/G.Cherone, Color Me Blind Music)
and «Wasted years» (A.Smith, Universal Music-Z Tunes).

Number of tracks : 8
Total running time : 40 min.
Produced by ANTHROPIA
Mix : Damien Rainaud
Mastering : Damien Rainaud
Cover Design : Irokkoi Agency

©2010 Adarca Records



all rights reserved


Anthropia Nice, France

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Track Name: The Altar of Trust [Live in Monaco]
Walking back home, hand in hand
Our blood boiled by desire
Tonight will be our sweet end
The best moment all time
Our smiles reflected in our eyes
Not counting the strange shadow close behind

Like a deafening bang I feel the blow
Destroying my head hurling it off on the floor

Like Abraham himself, who must kill his son
I see my better half, her face on the ground

Sad sick world, forging thieves and killers
Ready to sell theirs souls at loss
To get the slightest little coin
All my life is passing before my eyes
The good moments the gloomy cries
They made me alive

Like Isaac tied in chains on the altar of trust
She lies in a red frame and I wait for the voice
I don't hear it, am I abandoned?

On the vertex of undeserved truth
She's dying away, without even saying a word
Her locks socked in blood, like an unbaptism
What is this God letting die the faithful lamb?

Like a deafening bang I felt the blow
Destroying my head hurling it off on the floor
Now as I elevate I see my corpse
Oh in this red frame in the arms of my love

Like Azrael himself, the own wrath of God
I swear to make them pay, to avenge this bias
Its so unfair, I have just found you!

On the altar of my sole true love
She left me alone without even saying a word
Anger melts with cries, despair fills my blood
As I kiss this mouth, which would never move once more

My glance is glassy but I see us
From above you may feel my tears
Fall upon your mouth, a kiss, the last from me to you
Now I must pass on, he's calling me up
Don't blame him for this loss, don't ever lose your trust
Track Name: The Torn Off Wing of the Butterfly [Live in Monaco]
Blurred vision of what my life could be
With her, fade me away
Wrapping bliss is here synthetic
I know I'm dreaming, but it's so soothing
Through his eyes I see myself naked
My secret garden revealed
Why doesn't he speak to me...? Speak to me...

Slumped on settee, jack in hand
Smoke and darkness fill the air
A scene too mature for a child
(It seems I lived thousand lives)
Eyes wide open, disconnected
While my mind lives its romance
I seem quite dead but if you look closely I smile

Through my eyes don't you see my will
I want someone who's strong
This wait, it bothers me

In a strange motion of turmoil
Her braided aura evaporates
Although I hold you tight against my warmth
Your entity flees from my arms

How long will you stay in this reverie
I'm here in the real world
Perhaps, I'm wrong, don't you want me? Really...?

In a moment of pure stupor
Her braided blonde hair is moving away
I leave it's not a dream, you missed the boat
See you when you'll be on board

As I see her walking away
Such as a torn off wing from a butterfly
I try to keep her silhouette in mind
But now that she reached the corner of the street
It seems that her face is already erased from my retina
Is this the way humans are supposed
To forget the loved ones, Lord?
Track Name: A New Self [Live in Monaco]
First crucial cries in this new strange place
You must not forget...
...the plan of him is suddenly escaping

Your next life won't be as expected, soul
You have to change it

Strange sensation to lose all I was
Remnants of some lives, resetted as I call to mind
Feel I've been brave, not remunerated
You will be some day...
You'll see some change

In the shift, beyond the portal
Incarnation suppresses all thoughts
At our state karma is somnolent
How could we act without remembering all?

Soul 52889, good job!
It was your 665th life, they were all full of joy
Love and happiness
Congratulations, your place near him
Is almost assured now
Nevertheless, pay attention
To your next and last trip to Earth!

In the shift, beyond the portal
Incarnation suppresses all thoughts
At my state karma is obsolete
A new self, a new mind, all I need to rule them all
Track Name: Breeze In The Leaves [Live in Monaco]
It's a whistling breeze through the willow trees
It can take you high, tangled up with the sky
Diverting passions in our mansions
Flying like a bird twirling round far from Earth
And when it lands down, leaves and tears are gone

It's a whistling breeze through the willow trees
Spirit of forest never leaves the nest
Back on a big bough, the swallow stamps from joy
Then strikes up the whistle, feel the sound which heals
Which runs up the slopes, which made real our hope

Magnificent scene on the path to ruin
Some thoughtful knew that shadows would fly soon
Scanning dark aces, in skies they saw faces
Of crying sad men, letting fall inheritance
And when it lands down, leaves and tears are gone

Magnificent view soon lead to its tomb
Shivering, trembling, the painting is fading
Earth starts to rumble souls fly like bubble
Then explode and die, the whistle fades with cries
And runs down the slopes, it made real our hopes...
Track Name: Take Me Home [Live in Monaco]
A bygone age comes back to life
As for me, it was present
Oh oh home sick
Your rowing boat comes from afar!
The mirage seems this time reality
Sick of this vastness of whole aridity
Oh these feelings are so strong
As the pain
They drive me far
To where I do belong
Let yourself go
Oh take me home

In my journey I found no one
As far you'd have gone, I'd have gotcha
Like you, you're so true

All those years I searched for the one I knew
Ending crossing to true eternal bliss
I longed for this unhoped for oasis

Oh these feelings are so pure
So strong
They drive me
To where I must belong
You're welcome home
And stay for sure
Oh take me home

Oh it's good to be back home
Frustration goes away
Kittie was lost
And now she has returned
Don't ever go again
To her true home
Oh I'll never quit your wrapping warmth
I hold you strong
Embrace me strong
Never let me go