Non​-​Euclidean Spaces

by Anthropia

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Krodeaus Probably one of my greatest purchases of all time. Some albums are to fill the background, but with Non-Euclidean Spaces, I want to listen to every note and nuance. The harmony between the vocalists is indescribably perfect and haunting. A piece of master-worked artistry. Favorite track: When The Stars Come Right.
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Power Progressive Metal. Concept album about Cthulhu Mythos and H.P. Lovecraft's writings, featuring Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One,…) and Edu Falaschi (ex-Angra, Almah).


released March 15, 2015



Hugues LEFEBVRE - Vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Nathalie OLMI - Vocals
Yann MOUHAD - Electric & acoustic guitars
Julien NEGRO - Bass
Damien RAINAUD - Drums

Arjen Anthony LUCASSEN: Narration on all tracks
Edu FALASCHI: Vocals on track 9
Laurent TARDY: Piano on track 4
Pascal ALLAIGRE: Guitar solo on track 9

All tracks composed, written, arranged by Hugues Lefebvre except :
-tr. 5, 6 & 8 composed and arranged by Yann Mouhad, written by Yann Mouhad and Hugues Lefebvre
-tr. 3 composed by Hugues Lefebvre and Heitor Villa-Lobos
(© Max Eschig Soc. (un catalogue des Editions DURAND S.A.), written and arranged by Hugues Lefebvre
-tr. 11 composed by Roland Dyens (extrait de Libra Sonatine © Editions Henry Lemoine / Auvidis-Naïve), arranged by Hugues Lefebvre

Mixing, mastering and drums recording by Damien Rainaud at Darth Mader Music, Los Angeles.
Vocals, guitars, bass, synth recorded and pre-produced by Hugues Lefebvre & Yann Mouhad at Studio Anthropia, Nice.

Cover artwork by David Demaret:




all rights reserved


Anthropia Nice, France

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Track Name: Strange Aeons

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn"
Track Name: The Melancholy Of R.C.

He once had dreams of the unknown
When he was ten years old, or so
Strange and ancient cities around
Faraway gardens with 2 suns above...

Life gets so hollow
Dreams are fading out
Visions become dull
Slowly turn into void

Why did it go?
Fantasy glow
Where is it now?
The Gate to his home..

He hates men for what they’ve done
Cutting him from delusions
From where he really belongs

Then one night came the revelation
Locked in a mystic carved oak box
The Key to the lands he had lost...

Longing sensation
Psychic ascension
Prophetic visions
Remnants of strange aeons

Why did it go?
Oniric throb
Where is it now?
the Gate to his home

Read too much things as they are
Talked with too many people
All is now too logical
Wonder’s gone out of the world

Why did it go?
Fantasy glow
Where is the way?
To the dreamlands

H.P. Lovecraft : "There are twists of time and space, of vision
and reality, which only a dreamer can divine"

All is clear, he needs to find
The Snake Den from his childhood
Where the mighty gate there lies
To use the key, to embrace his youth

Randolph Carter : "Embrace my youth..."
Track Name: Silver Twilight Lodge

Gathering : "We are waiting down there
But we are legion
Concealed into darkness
Plotting a black revenge

We were always there
From the mists of time
Cultists, please do gather
Let’s forge black designs !"

They’ll open a breach in time
Cultists : "We will summon Great Old Ones"
They need human sacrifices
Cultists : "For one gate, one dies"

Iä, Iä, Hail to you that wait and dream In your undersea house
Iä, Iä, Mother Hydra
Please do spawn billions of Deep Ones

Stand up and chant loud
Silver Twilight Lodge !

Shades of dark gods
Rise and spread over us
And when they come down
Reign of men will crash down

Myth and folklore
Come to life and will rule
They will travel to Yuggoth
Cultists : "We will unfold dimensions"
From the Silver Twilight Lodge

Track Name: The Part Of Them In Me

There was a town
Once so wholesome
Far away, far away
There was a time
When the Order brought them
Men lost their minds
Daughters were the request
Went astray, far away
Gold and jewels bounty

The Elder sign
Keeps us safe from
This dreadful trial
That soils our blood
And will doom our scions
Unnatural forever bond
Elder sign... keep our souls away

RC : "The curse of the ocean...
Some might say
You are one of them
You are wearing the mask
Of an unholy alliance, long ago...
But when I look into your starry eyes
I only see true passion
Instead of aberration"

Asenath Waite : "Signs like these
Can’t be deceptive
‘Bout what I am
And sometimes I gaze on the ocean
Knowing one day I’ll dive in
And return to it"

HPL : "She was dark, smallish and very good looking, except for overprotuberant eyes. Something in her expression alienated sensitive people. It was her origin which caused average folk to avoid her."

RC : "You never speak about her
The veiled woman that you call mother
You seem to fear her
Now I feel that time is running out
She’ll take you away
From me, down there, among them
To help the coming of Great Old Ones"

AW : "Signs like these
Can’t be deceptive
‘Bout what I am
And sometimes I gaze on the ocean
Waiting for my genes to awake
It drives me crazy"

AW : These eyes turn black
RC : I can’t see through ‘em no more
AW : The mask breaks out
RC : What lies beyond it ?

AW : "Come what may, every day
There’s a part of them in me
Come what may, every day
They control a part of me"

The Elder sign postpones the inevitable
My instinct bolts again
I cannot fight anymore"

He will come back
Bringing you doom
Stars will align
This is due soon

RC : "The day comes close now, when these creatures will come out of the sea, spreading their loathsome smell over the world, annihilating humanity. But the worst of my fear is to see a familiar face among them : You..."


AW : "Come what may, every day
There’s a part of them in me
Come what may, every day
The part of them in me will win"

There was a town...
Once so wholesome...
There was a time...
Men lost their minds...
Track Name: Unknown Kadath

Cultist : "chtenff gof’nn gnaiihnyth uln r’luh ph’syha’h nog hai uaaah !"
Track Name: Seeds Of Decay

Shiny blurry light
Slowly fills his eyes
As he wakes, back from horror
Alone he lies

Venturing beyond
Oriab, Celephais, Inganok and Leng
He saw our fall

Foolish denials lead
madness to rise within
Open your eyes,
Tear them off and you’ll see

Can’t they feel the signs of
What’s beside and coming?
The human spark has
Fade to dark in silence
At the present times,
Death may die in advance
Didn’t they sow the seeds of decay?

He cannot stand them all
Bubbling up inside
Nearly ready to explode
(Roaming into darkness)
Breathing their fetid soiled air
Is quite an unbearable ache

Reckless, careless, full of hatred,
Arrogant, whimsical,
(Murderous, decadent)
Their fault, their crime
Now they’ll do the time
And fear is the right price to pay

(Confiteor Deo Deo Confiteor deo omnipotenti)
The more we are, the weaker we are,
The more we decline
Scattered dissociated knowledge
Covers faces with a veil
Babylon’s burning away

Some do evil, the others lie low
Cutting their own veins
Bloodshot red eyes
He only wishes they all die out in pain

HPL : "Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men. A time will come, but I must not and cannot think..."

Track Name: When The Stars Come Right

Long before first men come
Gears of time dwelled on
An unusual layout
Astral ballet then stopped
And the stars were right for Them
Now the worst is to come
Cause the stars come round again

One morning like any other
He stands up from the ground
Again the night made him bewildered
The dreams have been so odd
So exhausting, it drains life from him

It lasts for several weeks now
It’s affecting his work
His philo essay slowly becomes a
Novel of horror
So dramatic, his lines scare him stiff
A force directs him, stars are aligning

Music comes to the violist
With otherworldly notes
Voices guide the sculptor hands
To horrifying curves
The stars come right

Once he heard of a mute poet that
Had the same symptoms
Panic would seize both of them
If they could compare notes
Then they could see
Stars are aligning

Music comes to the violist
With otherworldly notes
Voices guide the sculptor hands
To horrifying curves
Terrified is the painter coming
Across his last night draft
Madness will sooth the savage fear when
All the stars come right

RC : “Did you ever have that dream? In which you run down the ruins of a strange city, among cyclopean rubbles, under a black night, in which you shiver at every shadow... But then you feel the ground rumble and crumble under your feet, as you quicken your pace, without even turning your head back because you know a heap of tentacles is chasing you”

Now he gets that his dreams are real
And that time is so short
Sensitive mind man he still is
A prophet of their call
He can foresee, stars are aligning

Track Name: Crawling Chaos

HPL : "And shadowed on a screen, I saw hooded forms amidst ruins, and yellow evil faces peering from behind fallen monuments. And I saw the world battling against blackness; against the waves of destruction from ultimate space; whirling, churning; struggling around the dimming, cooling sun..."

Storms, never seen in years
Mysterious events told
A nameless curse comes from the core
Thrills from the ocean’s abyss
Reports of oddities found
Mutations occur on the shores

Horrors are coming from their nests
Leading whole mankind to
Shake with fear
Acidic Flying polyps
From Yuggoth come the Fungis
The echoes whisper death and rot Unsealed...

When comes the time
(Hundred faces watching you)
Our world will die out
Now comes the tide
(Infamous worshipers of sorrow)
They’ll crush our foundations
Annihilate our fragile dominion

Can’t you see ? (Crawling Chaos)
Don’t you feel ? (Crawling Chaos)
Is this real ? (Crawling Chaos)
His age-old mystic plan is on

Hellish hound of steam
Sneaking out the corners
A threat that defies dimensions
Multi-cellular protoplasmic
Floating entities
Blasphemous abominations

Horrors are coming from their nests
Leading whole mankind to shake with fear
Acidic Flying polyps
From Yuggoth come the Fungis
Larvae hatch from ancient alien breed

When comes the time
(Hundred faces watching you)
Our world will die out
Absence of light
(Infamous worshipers of sorrow)
Running as they moan
‘Cause now we’re on our own, our own !

Oooh - Through twilight cosmic ways
He comes and goes
Oooh - Using thousands shapes
To crush your hopes

Tentacle headed giant
Dark storm or putrid fog
Gelatinous mass or pharaoh
Worshippers gathered at your door


Can’t you see ? (Crawling Chaos)
Don’t you feel ? (Crawling Chaos)
Is this real ? (Crawling Chaos)
His age-old plan has now begun
Track Name: The Snake Den

Automn fire :
Weird marvels waiting
Beyond the orchard

Hurtling down
The slope of the forest
He somehow turns back into a child

Confusion rises as he draws near
This strange cave folk shuns
Voice of old times seems to call him :
Silver key’s magic at work

Only God could stop him now
But from this world he seems absent

Beneath boundaries of life
Limbo lies all around
Leave mental health aside
You won’t need it at all

Strange shapes speak to your mind
Unveiling creation
To this oniric site
The snake-den is a door
A trapfall
Ensnaring you forever

An end comes to his search for the truth
More than his own life,
He values the stars
Despite all, he wants to know

The dreaded Guide is showing
Better be penitent
So says the Necronomicon
"I face You now with no fear"
Says the time traveller
Guide : "We have awaited you too long"

RC : "I will advance, unveil wonders"

Before revealing to him
The greatest of the secrets
Better think if it’s worthing it
He’ll surely lose what he is
Among his multitude
If he wants to sink in deeper

Guide : "You’ll take my place
You’ll keep the Gates"

In front of the Guide, waiting for him
Still he’s gnawed by doubt
The Ultimate Gate is upon him
Bestowing him omniscience

Only God could stop him now
But here there’s no such thing as God


A trapfall
Lying down in Underworld
Ensnaring you forever
Track Name: Lost In Time And Space

(Kyrie Eleison
For aeons he rules
From atop R’lyeh the Dead
For aeons he slept
Now his prison is to break)

As he floats still
In this higher dimension
Feigning his indecision
He looks back one last time
To all that made he was him
To all that made his own life
Now the Ultimate Gate attracts him
Sucks him in to a never-return path

Now he sees all the lights
And understands it all
Part of cosmos design
He now rules underworld
But among all this might
There’s a vision of horror

All in One and One in All
He’s facing Yog-Sothoth !

He feels his identity fleeing
He is no one now, erased from memories
From history of men

RC : "I am part of it now
I understand the true nature
Of the universe
I can affect the course of time
I can even... move the stars!
They won’t be aligned anymore
And He will be trapped forever! "

You must leave when you love
And he loved this Earth
Despite all its flaws
Disembodied astral form
He is now, to save us all

Lost his life
He has lost his soul
But Great Old Ones
Will sleep once more
Track Name: Fuoco

RC : "My name is Randolph Carter…"
Track Name: Credits

All around
On your marks
Get ready to act

Director : "Final checks please… Quiet on the set… 35, take one… Tag it… set… Action !"

The stage is set now
Under shoot now
Everyone’s on the boil
Wardrobes altered
Make ups dry
And the lens is on you
All the staff’s there
But you don’t see them at all

Life, it’s your life
That scrolls fast
Like a film roll
Time won’t slow down

In a way
We are all movie stars
In somebody’s script notes
Reciting our lines
Without realizing
We’re playing a role
All our life

All around
On your marks
Get ready to watch

The End is displayed
Eyes are closing
As the lights are turned on
Too small size
For these credits lines
To know who did what

Life it’s your life
That you watch
Like a spectator
And the showtime is right now

In a way
We are all movie stars
In somebody’s script notes
Gathering our cards
Without realizing
This game’s already been played out before

You’ll never find
Who did what
Too small size
For these credits lines

All along the path
Whatever the trials
We must do it on take one
Failure doesn’t matter
We need to get up
The score is going on

In a way
We are all movie stars
In somebody’s script notes
Reciting our lines
Without realizing
It was the starring role all along

All around
On your marks
Get ready for life!